Apparently “across the pond” usually implies the North Atlantic Ocean between North America and Europe, and is most often used to describe travel between the United Kingdom & the United States or Canada. 

So, ya I wanted to get my art out there, travel “across the pond” I needed a plan, a goal, a mission. In order to promote my art outside of Quebec (well specifically Montreal to be honest).

The plan; I started to follow all the #callout hashtags; and hence my new routine for Saturday was born; coffee, jazz, and scroll which artists submissions I can file out. 

I usually chose two to apply for over the weekend or the week, because sometimes it can be very long to file out. I am getting better and I have drafted some different versions of my “artist statement” but normally dred this question/area. I mean the fact that I'm doing mostly aesthetic artwork, always makes it complicated. Sure I have a University Major in Fine Arts; but my art is my creativity. I don’t always need/have a “statement”; perhaps other artists can relate to this point.  

The goal; I found something for dancing “across the pond” a UK application was for the Blue Bee Gallery. A specialized gallery in limited edition prints from emerging artists worldwide. I was so, so happy when I got the email announcing that I was selected : 

Hi Geneviève,

I am sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

After long discussions of our editorial board, we have now selected the next artists for our upcoming issue Spring - 2020. I am very happy to report that we would like to include your art.

It was supposed to be a print edition magazine, but due to some of the Gallery team being more or less affected by Corona, they decided not to print this quarters magazine but only publish digitally on our website.

They just launched the digitally version of the magazine on 3rd April. It if free to download it and the artworks are really cool!


Anyway, that gave me more confidence and I continue to be quite disciplined to take the time in my weekends to apply to a fews calls out. 

Here’s other projects where my arts got selected : 

  • Wotisart, a monthly art zine base in the UK : This magazine aimed at showing published work in a new artists portfolio. The magazine will also be sent to a number of different art organisations in the hope that the featured artists will gain some recognition for their work. You can order it here
  • CooltSalon Zine 3 Contributors from around the world have joined forces to create the pages of "Cooltzine" vol.3 'Changes'. We've been asked to work with the same 'base' image, interpreting and re-imagining it, making literal changes and reflecting on the contextual ones.
Goldengen Cooltsalon Zine

    Because of the Covid-19, it will be a virtually launch simultaneously in London, Sofia & Belgrade on 30 May. The originally planned print will be adjusted to print-on-demand, and a downloadable PDF version available in the run up to the event. If you’ll like to find out more about the programme for the day, join here.

    One that note, stay Golden


    Psst: You can purchase the BlueBee print here...


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