How are you dealing with this special time? Any tricks to share?

It appears that my new trick is all about doing more with less; at work and at home, I just absorbed a lot of new titles to manage while operating in a new reality. 

It’s all quite exhausting, to be honest. I am, however, just not in this mood that everyone seems to be, having too much free time. I had to change my core routine on quarantine week 3 because I don’t think I would have lasted longer with the same patience//energy levels. 

Otherwise, I don’t mind hanging out at home more often; I actually kind of enjoy it after the regular hours. I wear my weird tights collection and recently skipped skirts or shorts completely. Which feels almost necessary and as acceptable as other new behaviours we all got going right now. 

I still strive to block my evenings and weekends to hustle on my artsy career. If you happen to be following me on Instagram, you probably saw some sneak peeks on my current work in progress. I am now working on a new art series that is inspired by my vintage Playboy Magazine I found on my recent trip to Detroit.

The series has an underlying premise of the upcoming warm weather and daydreaming of interesting gateways - which probably means a lot these days.

Have you ever spent time imagining, fantasizing you had a relationship with someone you don't really know? Pleasant thoughts I have to admit. It makes my imagination (or anticipation?) run away while staying in confinement.

I mean, nothing new here. My Imaginary Love Stories are all about it. But this time, my thoughts feel more tangible; I stayed in a state of stimulation - a steady build-up. And I guess my next collection Soft Tender is around it.

Besides that, I'm currently curating a soundtrack that will act as musical support for the new artworks. It's a highly recommended rainy day playlist; with a glass of wine and no pants. 

#jointheclub Geneviève 


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