I needed to take a break from my new work schedule this Tuesday; namely, because I was losing my cool over editing the sizing of a print - yep  I'm still not a graphic designer. So instead of calibration changes; I took to my trusty bible and I re-read this interesting chapter on the Law of the category. It “blew my mind” - Personally I think the concepts are still very accurate and it made me begin to think of which category my work falls into. How would my work stand out? Where can I be the first in my category? 

I had recently started a collection called: Summer of Lust, processed the film for screen printing and a lot of other stuff (read it here if you want the full details) but I was creatively “blocked” searching for inspiration for my background. I felt I needed something new - something unlike my use of the vintage beaches//pool scene. On a related note my good friend Jérémie surprised me with a series of sports memorabilia; details and categories from the Montreal Olympic of July 1976. That was what my “creative brain” needed! 

I worked late, 3 nights in a row, doing multiple collages and I started to play (yes play, because that’s my favourite part) with my new silk design this past weekend to incorporate it. 

So far, so good - I mean, I know I am my biggest fan, but jeez, I think this collection is really going to be awesome! The first 2-3 prints I am working on, earlier this week are beautiful and I have had a great response so far on social media.  Which you know… gives me the fuel to continue onwards.

Okay, let’s go back to my main subject of this blog post; I was reading about how to define my work into a category and even master a new one (why not? - this is truly me). Apparently, most of the peeps out there usually don’t care about quality as much as they care about something new. 

So is my new art print collection, the number one collage-screen print art of 2020 using the Montreal Olympics as a backdrop visual? That's a bit too long… How can I short cut this so it becomes viral? (okay, okay let me dream a bit).

I mean, we are not going to have a 2020 summer Olympic games; nothing is stopping us to revisit the one in Montreal 1976? To reminisce about our Olympics? Would that be the right thing to do? I think yes!

And you what, it’s easier than you think; purchasing a print from a Montreal artist that's digging and mixing our archives; She’s got that category.

You're welcome, Geneviève 

Psst: Here the song related to my title



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