Yes, here’s my monthly blog curation post about women printmakers. 

Printmaking can include various practices, like lithography, screen printing, mono-printing, and more. I aim to bring you some of the best, most cutting-edge top 5 talented women from my travels around the web. I believe it's also a great way to learn how they market themselves into the art world. 

I’ve featured a number of these divine women printmakers artists on the blog, here's the October top 5 artists to put on your radar, bookmark, research and learn about through their artwork (there’s no order of importance, it's just a list) :


    1. Emily Taylor runs a stationery company called Cabin Journal, which specializes in small runs of risograph-printed cards, art prints, screen printed tea towels and posters. Cabin Journal is a must see website.
    2. Printmaker based in London, Kim Minuti’s work embraces abstract patterns and compositions, in contrast with elements drawn from nature and seasonal change. She qualifies herself as an experimental print-maker which I like and endorse.
    3. Montez is another cool London woman. Her work is beautiful. I found we have similar working processes as screen printing, drawing, and found images are the main elements she uses to create her work. Think neon pop colours, dots, monochrome. Check out her website here
    4. From my lovely Montreal, here’s Amélie Lehoux. She’s a talented graphic designer and illustrator. Her willingness to explore and push various styles and mediums with such ease is powerful. And yes, she’s also doing riso prints!
    5. Xanthe Bonsall is a multi-disciplinary designer based in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Her stunning prints focus on geometric shape and playful colour, incorporating sub-cultural references from a large interest in electronic music and rave culture. You can scroll her work here and there.

      Printing tips of the month

      Here’s a quick tutorial on a cool thing to do: a photo transfer to wood. If you’re wondering how to transfer photos to wood, it’s a relatively simple process.

      Again, feel free to share with me talented women who print for my November post.



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