Back in the day; I frequently attended a graphic novel book launch at my fav book store. I discovered so many amazing authors and graphics illustrators. However, the best part for me was hearing the stories behind the book/novel/zine; the antidotes; the struggles and all the creating and making effort into the work. A mild disclaimer that the apero style free wine was fun too + having the opportunities to wear my crazy outfits too was just like a double bonus to this routine I had. 

A flash popped in my mind over the confinement period (of course), an idea that blended that memory of mine with a bookshop visit; the idea is that visual artists (like me, hi!) should definitely do the same; going on tour with my art collections like any authors or music bands would do. Stopping at appropriate venues for those who want to capture a moment. 

With my work background experience in marketing, I’m not ignorant of the fact that simply put; branding is important. The way I see it as an artist (or an author), a lot of brand content is coming from the personality behind the work (after the work of course!) I think that adding a personal presence could definitely help sales pick up. even with a normal dose of self-doubt; I do have confidence in my force when I am in presence. I think the presence of an artist (or author) exposes the personality and adds value to the work to help people consider purchasing it to understand and experience it.   

With this thinking, I’ve considered that since my prints and collections are based around songs and soundtracks the presence tour could be really supported to be an experience. 

Let me explain my vision of the perfect evening: picture a nice boutique /concept store (name it) I’ll put on my playlist; Set up my prints on a table, or within the shop; pop a few bottles to share and encourage folks to spend time to talk and observe (also tipsy sometimes = confidence to buy) and Voilà! Sounds fun right? I’ll be there to say hello; entertain people with their questions on my process with my friendly French-Canadian accent + hopefully build up a community around it for shared success. I am really daydreaming around this idea daily!

Nevertheless, the concept of the touring industry’s decentralized and network-based system remains a complex landscape to navigate: booking the “venues” is not going to be that easy. 

Over the last decade working in marketing agencies; I’ve morphed to an ultra well-organized planner. so that’s my jumpstart. I began to think about the tour strategy. Some aspects of that plan are as follows; 

  1. I think it’s a safe bet to start to plan my destinations around cities that have tech centers, which often have up and coming new cool neighbourhoods. 
  2. Regarding the time, a three-week tour would be ideal - with 4 nights events! Aaah, I just love this idea so much!

Yet being practical again I did some basic maths, and likewise, everything I'm doing so far, I think it's going to cost me more money than I could make. But, I do believe in this idea, it’s not that crazy, BUT ideally, I’ll need to share the road with other musicians, authors,  or commercial sellers. Maybe I could get a music label to sign me? Haha most already know I’m very super into music. I went to see so many shows in my 20s and 30s, I guess it's the personal clock that is ticking before my 40s to get my chance to go on my own tour!

Anyways, this vision is so clear in my mind. I'm gonna have to make it happen. So all your suggestions or feedback are welcome and if you think you yourself would like to join me or help me - email me and let's discuss. Or if you are the owner of a venue or store that sells art prints or want to start to sell some;  let’s also talk so you can totally book me! 

Stay tuned, Geneviève


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