Inevitably every artist needs to consider and review their process as it’s often a source of many other explanations to the outcomes of the work. This post is probably one of considerable reflections of how my work comes together; and now with the website how I get around to it and where it comes together. 

Let me begin with what entails to have a final art piece up on my website; I typically try and need to build up a narrative, a structured concept - This sometimes starts with an specific or collection of intimate feelings I may have in a moment or thinking from other times. My hope is to create eye-catching, established quality work that invokes thought. 

My work does tend to be a bit overloaded, I always push my artwork as far as I can, so that they have a “flash” in a certain way. It is hard for me to perfectly and finally determine if the art work itself; will have its own world that it comes from? Does it need to be made? This helps my process asking these questions. 

I like to think that my work is an investigation of unexpected representations that result from the combination of fragmented materials and feelings through collage. I love playing and building up a momentum. 

So, in practice this results in a couple ways for me to approach the work; some days there’s a clear need in me to express a feeling; therefore giving me a clear, planned structured approach and I go. Yet other days it's not so clear, I’ll be faced with doubt on what’s right, and I’ll just build something or leave myself to create and take what that moment offers me. 

I tend to enjoy experimenting stuff, ideas unified by a theme which can involve retrospect  and a certain preoccupation. or sometimes trying to take those individual ideas and transpose them into pieces that can make perfect sense; but as you can expect - it's not always easy to make that puzzle. 

Although, I wouldn't describe myself much of a nostalgic person; however I do have a preference for old photos to offer a simple and purely aesthetic preference. I like to use these images from the past and use moments captured to express my own moment in time. I consider myself a great dreamer creating this ephemeral art and I enjoy its infinite possibilities of expression.

One core thought I have no matter what; (despite how much I am working on it); I don't care if I don't sell it. Or if I have 5 users/day on my website; I think that people who can relate to it will relate to it. I’m building up an audience and things will happen, in time.

I mean, for now, it really gives me total freedom and I can continue to make art for the sake of it. not for some audience. for art’s sake, for the process. 



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  • Jeff Da Silva: April 19, 2020
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    It’s nice of you to share how you think and give your personal experiences and feeling into your art. thank you.

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