Welcome, welcome, welcome to this fall blog post edition. As the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting longer, I thought about sharing big and small news in order to achieve some goals. I kind of treat this blog as my diary anyway...

I started to work on my new art series, The Name of the Game which is a wink to the aesthetic of rugby pioneers and images of sports culture. It also combines the concept of touring for competitions; going from town to town; connections and acquaintances you might get or have with others. Yes; I’ve even included the beautiful, vintage girls cheerleaders and all that jazz. Nonetheless that said, the collection is slowly but surely coming together on the shop. Plus, I am quite content by the soundtrack of it.

In other news; I amazingly proud to say that I have been chosen to be part of the world’s biggest Paper Art events in the world! Well, okay, let's been fully honest here, my artwork will be part of the Off Biennale. Hopefully (fingers crossed) that this world & things will be safer to travel because it’s going to be held in Tuscany; Italy during August-September 2021. 

So, to conclude this awesome news; I now have a new mission; looking for someone who has the powerful grant submission, fill-up-form writing, paperwork wizard skills. If I want to get this done, I need to cover the expenses of a globe trotter artist. (installation, parties, and little trips in Italy - why not?). 

I’ll learn more details over the next week regarding the location & logistics;  But this is really great news, as it was on my 2020 dream list to participate in an international exhibition.

Oh and; NO I still haven't found a “real day time job” yet. But hey, I'm on it...

 Things I have consumed over the last few weeks + currently digging into :

  • The book “Anything you want”  by Derek Sivers is a learning guide through his “accidental” success and failures with concise and inspiring ways on how to create a company by following your passion. I personally highly, highly recommend this book! Plus the format of the book is perfect to easily digest the content. You’ll smile, learn and close the book with new energy to get things done. Funny story, he ends this book by recommending that we can email him at any occasion, for anything in particular. Well, I jumped on the occasion to ask his thoughts about art print and how I might seek to solve problems (to help me shape my business modele better) and guess what? HE ACTUALLY REPLIED !! Yep, and in less than 12 hours - knowing we have a 13 hours times zone difference, this is quite amazing! AND he did give me advice! Which I will try to test and will definitely dedicate a full blog post on this in the future. 
  • This crazy good Greek white Kechris wine name “Tear of the Pine”. This Retsina wine is a game-changer that shows great ageing ability, complexity and expression.
  • This year, the Pop Montreal Festival will have a hybrid approach with a large portion of online presence and those music symposiums look pretty interesting. This one especially called Music Psych and Sync. Music has a powerful ability to influence the mind, - whether it be a film score that evokes euphoria and terror from one moment to the next, or a driving with a catchy tune that connects a consumer to a product - the psychology of how we listen can impact our perception and choices. Third Side Music’s - Jeff Waye will lead this conversation between cultural critics, psychologists and music supervisors. It’s a live event (and also free) on Saturday Sept. 26 - 13:30. I know, I know we all got the streaming//Zoom fatigue, but come on, I believe in you and the subject is fascinating. 
  • I recently started reading this book and it's really interesting. I can’t elaborate too much more at the moment, but I believe I will dedicate a blog post on this book. Yeah, that’s how interesting it looks...stay tuned
  • I may have already mentioned that I am part of the Indie Hacker community and someone recently suggested that I should join the CryptoArt movement. CryptoArt are digital artworks, sometimes described as digital trading cards or "rares", associated with unique and provably rare tokens that exist on the blockchain. Today’s contemporary art market is powered by a powerful cast of incumbents, one composed of galleries, critics, curators, collectors, + auction houses… BUT apparently Crypto art will be as subversive to the traditional art world as $BTC has been to the financial world. Give me some time to research it more, and I’ll get back to you.

So that’s it for now. Like always, please do share your opinions with me on anything of the subjects on this post. I’m especially curious to hear your thoughts on the CryptoArt mouvement and, of course, tell me about your Greek wine discoveries.

Peace, Geneviève


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