The first on the list was to participate in the Collective Brew Art Collection  Artist Call out. (february deadline)  

For a couple of years, everytime I visit Ontario I make a point to stop at an LCBO, for my craft beer appetite and appreciation of new stuff. Almost since my 1st visit; this brand has become my “go to” for it’s great variety and tastes (Jam up the mash plz!) - then obviously the creativity of Art from can to can, I was thoroughly impressed and always look forward to new ones. 

The designs are always super sharp and unique; who knew beer could get even more fun! . 

It was the first on my list because the deadline was  (in feb.) but also because it was a nice “I CAN DO THIS” I mean who cannot agree the mantra Collective Art stands for; The first that creativity fosters creativity. And the second, that creativity yields delicious pints! 

Cheers to that from Montreal to Hamilton! 

Here’s what I submitted on the Collective Arts February call out. I ran a little survey on Instagram:

Turns Out the Blue version wins the Instagram pass.

I have not heard  any news from Collective Arts just, which doesn’t sound so good, but hey, they do open call every 3 month, so I’ll try again, and again ;)  Pass the word or submit your artwork too; or at least have a beer!



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  • Jeff Da Silva: March 31, 2020
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    Good luck 👍

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