Weird week; with the mix of shitty weather + finally enjoying some “quiet time” at my day time job, and I finally starting to acknowledge that we are in this situation for the long haul.

Yep, I hoped my denial of that fact was to make it come true - which I'm very good at. Each and every year I say we are NOT going to have snow during winter.

Regardless; I kept pushing myself on with Goldengen. I choose to work on tasks that I was previously avoiding because they are less fun; but nevertheless important in the process too. 

I also felt in love with Atlas Sound all over again - actually I was enjoying a full (work day) morning hour with my oldest daughter and we watched him play this song live in different venues. As trivial as it might seem- it felt like reconnecting with an old friend. All day, I was saying out loud “..I cannot believe I forgot about Atlas Sound!...” and was laughing about it at the same time, it was a really like comforting feeling. 

This then triggered me to dive to the depths of my basement to find my old mixes on CD. I had so much fun with them; reconnecting with good vibes tunes that I completely forgot about. I’ve added some of the best ones to my running playlists and went for long runs just to really enjoy them better. 

I really worked hard on artist call out work - I even made my first official Artist C.V. - Ooh lala - Well I technically needed it for this recent  open call - and it made me realize that I'm starting to build a nice press release list. Now only in month 4 of my “...okay let’s take this art thing seriously...” and reflecting it made me get excited to see that list is growing and I look forward to see how these occasions of revealing my work across the world & in different formats will do my career & future. 

I recently created a profile on Art Connect, and filled up the Open Call: Alone Together. Art Connect is a place to share resources and build community within your local creative scene (I know Berlin is not my scene yet! But hey, I can dream big ok!) Finger crossed.

Finally, I feel like I am coming to my own in adapting well to this “new” routine. I’ll leave you on this quote:  “...Is this what being present is like?..” that got me thinking over these last few days.

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