While trying to market my latest collection, and beginning to hustle on my marketing and my upcoming collection Summer of Lust, I decided to create an "offset collection". A kind of much simpler takes art print, basically just black and white designs. 

The focus here is to save time along the way with being less stressed about not working as fast//much my engines can go. I find I spend a good two weeks researching and creating the mood board, the soundtrack while conjointly designing my new screenprint films for my art series. So, I thought I should do something with all that preparation work, as a sort of “making off” of Summer of Lust can be used in some way surely. 

As you might know, my work process is quite long and has steps; the collage//background texture + screen printing + digital magic. The final product can normally take me up to 5 versions (at the very least) to be happy and at peace. Each art piece needs to be top-quality to deserve to go on my website. The chance that I miss the technical “official summer date” to add art pieces on my summer collection is thin but still possible... 

However, Teaser Pleasers are here to support my high standards; calm my creativity a bit, and get the collection out as it’s ready for the world. 

Btw, a new item I'd like to add is apparel to my Summer of Lust Collection, I believe that people are more willing to purchase t-shirts than a piece of art (this can be debated, but I think it's more a no brainer). Maybe that’s the fashionista inside of me speaking.

Also, in order to increase my brand visibility and continue my ascension in the UK market, I created a branded t-shirt on Everpress. The campaign is currently in a pre-order mode right now and I need to pre-sell at least 5 t-shirts in order for my campaign to go to print. You can buy the t-shirt here, but it's not a big deal. Like I say, I will be adding t-shirts to my site so stay tuned!.

Thanks & visit again soon, things are moving here!



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