I’ll like to start a monthly recurring blog curation post around women printmakers. Printmaking can include various practices, like lithography, screen printing, mono-printing, and more.

One thought is a kind of “top 5” discovering talented woman, which challenges art enthusiasts to take attention. The checklist would be multigenerational, including well established artists to relative newcomers like. I believe it is also a great way to learn more about each other on how they market themselves into the art world. 

Here’s my August top 5 artists to put on your radar, bookmark, research and learn about through their artwork about their lives. (there’s no order of importance, it's just a list) :

  1. I recently discoverd Aless’ work on Instagram. Her artwork combines bright colours, flowing shapes and cultural references, executed using silkscreening and Risograph. It’s really cool prints and she’s from my town too.
  2. Amanda Ilc is the printmaker behind Hi Hello Studio. I feel similarities when reading her About//Hello page. I believe mine was quite the same at first. I also really like the titles she gave to her art pieces. Titles are not an easy task, personally speaking. Her art and website are pretty cool and feel true. I think we would get along well.
  3. Alanna Cavanagh is a Toronto based artist//illustrator and she’s doing awesome huge screen print. She’s got an impressive list of clients and that’s why she's on my list this month. It would be my dream to have great clients like she has. You can see her beautiful work here.
  4. Directly form Santiago, Chile here’s Sandrine Anne. She doing riso print, which I would love to try an art series one day. She’s making cool poster for bands which is also, something I would like to redo (did it a bit in the early 2000’s). 
  5. And finally, here’s the print-maker Lou Tonkin has been creating elegant prints and artwork for over 13 years. Working with hand cut relief block prints, Lou creates print products & artworks from original limited edition framed prints to stationary & useful home items.

If you are a woman printmaker contact me to get featured or you follows some, please send me the women artists you are currently crushing on!



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