I had a totally other blog post idea in mind, but somehow, I am having problems writing it. I think it's because I read this article that points out that "if you don’t have a direct connection to your audience, you don’t have an audience". Which brought up a lot of questions in my mind.

Just curious here, are you into learning about the business tactics I am trying to implement? Or the struggle path of trying to make a living from my art? Or behind the scenes/making off printmaking arts stories?

It would help me a lot if you could answer. For those who followed me on Instagram the past few weeks, I was maybe exposing my "business discoveries" too much. But, the truth is, I am really working hard to build a bigger audience and I had no clue it would be that hard - Jeeez! However, it’s fine, it fuels my creativity.

That being said, I think the soundtrack of the collection « Summer of Lust » is complete. It is not always easy to start a playlist in May and finish it end of July. (Not saying summers over) but I have moved on. The main spirit of the set collection is there and it's a great summer playlist.

Hey, also as for the playlists; please don’t be shy to tell me if you like the songs. I have a secret dream of being a DJ host. Like once a month, the 7-11:30 pm shift, to warm up to a venue or a show much cooler than me; setting up the mood and get things kicking. It will also give me an occasion to wear my crazy outfits before I sell them all on Etsy.

Okay so, three things I want you to know:

1-Your feedback will really help me; as an artist and as a marketing manager of my brand. It’s key to my progression. This is my job. I want to evolve.

2- If you run a store (digital or brick and mortar) or if you have a venue//coffee place, I’d be happy and would love to create awesome playlists for your crowd. Or let’s offer a new type of artwork for your costumers or your walls; either way, email me! Let’s do this!

3- Finally; anyone can help me on a daily, monthly, yearly basis as I am trying to become a real powerful printmaker artist (nothing less). And it’s pretty easy and cheap too - all details in the link above. That helps too.

Merci, Sincerely yours Geneviève

Title song is here


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