Not much to say this week; however I think you’ll get my vibe with the cover image & play this song, on repeat. I think it perfectly fits with all the magic happening in my life right now. The song definitely adds a grand whimsical atmosphere that sweeps me off my feet. It really inspires me… 

Quickly though, here is a rapid fire of some info; I got a request for a cool t-shirt project from a company based in Sweden; my artwork got selected for this NYC Art Competition and I have huuuuge list of open calls to fill up this week! Plus, I rediscovered how cool Tumblr is! (thanks Husband).

Hope the weekend was a good one for you guys too.

The story continues, the show must go one. 

Wish you a lovely, slowly, rainy Sunday

Psssss … I will probably create a little discount on the 30th of April, to celebrate the first 3 months of my website. Stay tuned



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