I am glad and excited to start the launch of my latest collection Soft Tender. I have been working on this art series since the beginning of March, so roughly 3 months and 15 pieces later, let me present you the premise of all this, the soundtrack!

To help me create my imaginary-dreamy artwork, I choose music as a soundtrack to it. I matched the art piece with the music, but not one of the art was originally intended for the music; it just ended up that way with the pairing. This pairing I took to put them together is based on some kind of truth to the link of the song and art. I’m not afraid to get loose with the lyrics on why I choose some as well in the other direction. I would say that most are created to be both fact and fiction, and you can see some tilt pretty far in either direction. I guess people could call this “creative nonfiction” or just “embellished stories”.

Yep, it mostly love songs, I know. You might think I’m such a romantic person, but I really don't think I am - I mean, I’m far away from the gestures of flower, candle type girl. The topic of the songs are a great blend into my theme (Soft Tender) but I would be lying if I don't mention that I started questioning myself a bit on this subject -  Am I a romantic woman? Like I said before, I think I'm more intrigued even, fascinated by the sparks, the butterfly feeling, the chemistry. Mostly the chemistry, like wtf is this? I came upon this explanation, (not quite sure the relevance of the source):

In human chemistry, there is a chemical bond that functions to hold human molecules (people) together into bound-state entities. These chemical bonds are responsible for feeling that special connection with someone; they are responsible for feeling that you have to see this other person again; they are responsible for "the spark." Simply put, chemistry is the emotional and psychological way two people relate to each other.

Anyway, my next collection Soft Tender surrounds these subjects. You can follow my characters (the vintage girls) daydreaming, imagining, fantasizing relationships or more, building up for escapades (my fav.)

Ok, let’s go back to the soundtrack. There's 18 songs, about one hour and 25 minutes of chill, lovely, and yep, a sort of romantic songs. I personally listen to it in the morning, with a coffee, while doing computer work. It's a great background playlist, mostly smooth. Like always, Shuffle is highly recommended, but try to keep Beck’s - Debra for the end, it's like the Grande finale track. 

I’ll try to find time to create some sort of fun quizzes on Instagram to see if you can try to associate the art print with paired songs… I'm curious about your feedback on the playlist, don't be shy to comment here or message me on Instagram

Good listening,



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