You may have noticed that I choose to name the titles of my artworks and the descriptions inspired by songs. Here's the story behind this.

Its cliche to say but true; music has a profond place in my life. Most of the songs in the Soft Launch playlist haunted my mind for years. I’m sure you can relate to this, you know, the first time you hear a song and stop everything you were doing just to listen to it -- it sucks you in! Then boom switch to repeat mode. Well, many of these tracks I experienced just that.

They are scattered jolts of sounds that come from random & different moments/periods of my life. I know they don’t all fit together that well. Shuffle mode is highly recommend here. Overall; after relistening to it again I have to admit that this playlist qualifies as a sort of chill personal nostalgia. Golden moments frozen in my mind with a soundtrack.

Ah well…

For instance, I listened to Goldz Sound by Pavement since I was 14 and I still can remember super clearly the first time I heard it. Sincerely, I didn’t have the life background to really appreciate the lyrics at the time but the song resonated then, and still does today.

I am not going to bio/story flashback through all songs, but here’s a few :

Ease your feet in the sea by Belle and Sebastian, I heard this song almost 20 years ago and I'm still really into it. It's a classic! This particular album is part of my all time top 5, especially when you’re on a road trip. A must!

There's also this beauty :

Joe Meek’s song, Valley of Saroos; actually doesn't even have any art named or reference to it. For me the song & his music are very visual; it casts a special power over me every time. I can connect with a deep real feeling while listening to it, especially while walking in the setting sun. 

For the people who knows me, it was a evidence that Deerhunter had to be there :

Bonus : Money  by the Drums was added because it happened to be on repeat mode & pumping load in my little workshop when I was silkscreening the most recent series of art prints. It quickly became my “go to” dance song and the “get through it" energy moment after a long day. Again, there is no specific art piece related to this song but it had an influence.

Give it a try  and let me know in the comment section what you think about it or what you listen to from those golden moments.





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