If everything was perfect, you would never learn and you would never grow.”          – Beyoncé

I will always associate September as a month of new beginnings, a new year with new challenges (and a new pair of sneakers). Blame it on the school calendar. I figure it was a great occasion to update you with my latest news and honestly, it is also like clapping my own back, which I need sometimes to keep me going.

Earlier in August, I was pleasantly surprised that a gallery in Victoria, BC wanted to represent me (what? me?!) for a full year! When I thought I was submitting my artwork for an open call, it was actually for being part of a first batch of “rosters” that the gallery wants to represent. You have no idea how much I was happy. That was part of my dream list goal, but I never thought I was going to achieve this in my first 8 months (and basically 4 months full time).

Sweetpea Gallery is a digital and IRL space that supports early-career artists. This is done through pop-up gallery installations, online content, and the sale of artwork and marketable goods. Here’s my profile among 20 other artists that made it. There's a lot of cool arts, you should definitely check the shop section.

Remember my summer thoughts about finding my category in order to differentiate my prints and stand out in that sea of talented printmakers? Well, I'm still trying to define Goldengen into the  “Women printmakers - Stunning screenprinting” category. However, I felt like I needed to be part of a group to help me get that title. Join a niche community where I can also get insights into areas that I'm not quite an expert in yet. Being an artist is kind of like running my own startup; I am still fully the Entrepreneur, the Manager and the Technician (to refer to the E-Myth. Well mostly by the revisited edition by Michael Gerber). Which in my world, simply means working all the time, but also being lonely (a bit, I'm still a strong loner). I have to admit, is sometimes hard. I always worked with a team or a partner.

So I applied for membership at People of print and I got in!! I was a bit stressed when I read the email. You know, it's one of those where they explain how they received a lot of applications and they only selected the best one, bla bla bla and then, I saw that I was in! Woohoo!! I didn't have time to read all the details of what that membership is providing me with, but I feel very honoured to be part of a group of printers from all around the world. I'll share more news about this over time.

Last but not least news, this upcoming Saturday, I’ll have my first pop up sale of the year (Thanks COVID!). I got selected to be part of the event What the Pop! which is an art pop up event, featuring live performances, with one-of-a-kind art, jewelry and fashion available for purchase. If you are in Montreal (or close enough), on Saturday, September 5, come discover over 30 emerging artists at the Centre St Jax, on St-Catherine street (which turn into a pedestal street btw).

I will mostly sell my original prints which is a bit heartbreaking to me, for many reasons; they make me realize my evolution as a printer, all the hard work I did over the last months and, I get attached to them. Still, they need to find a new home and hopefully bring joy to someone else. I will also have already frame prints too. Come say hi, and yes, you can also just bring me a beer ;)

This title was brought to you by my friends who “Cudda schooled me to the game”

Peace, Geneviève


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