In the last couple of weeks, I paused participating/submitting for an artist's open calls; I was done with the COVID recurring themes (non-inspiring one) and greater areas of importance were taking place such as the movement for black artists which I totally get and embrace it. 

So, it’s been a bit slow on this side my “business” let’s just say. However my spring hustle is paying off right now & I am pleased to present my latest collaboration for a literary magazine, Floral Fiction

This second issue is a compilation of 80+ artists from various countries, cultures, and backgrounds. You can download for free, the summer edition here. I would love to do more of these types of projects (kudos for the team!). If there’s any zine owners, publishers or book editors reading this blog (in my dream, you ALL are) contact me! Would love to collaborate in a similar fashion and share my work with yours. 

Here’s my artwork, which is an exclusive version on this print and this one - yet, it ties back to a part of my Soft Tender series. 

Goldengen floral Magazine

I also started to explore street art, glueing and taping my prints over in some parts of the city. I felt quite shy, rebel a bit at first, but hey no pain, no gain? I think it is good, basic exposure. Definitely hard to measure if this will get me more traffic on my website, or anything but a smile. At least it's nice for neighbourhoods and my brand to share some spotlight. 

Goldengen Street art


And yes, this is me (probably yelling "stop"):

Goldengen street art

It's making me feel like I'm some sort of event/art promoter when I used my artsy bag that goes with the posters. It’s, somehow making the experience less scary because I’ve created a story to tell if someone asks me.

That was my flash news and more to come!



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