I am a Montreal based collage and screen printing artist. 

I consider myself a visionary; a dreamer who possesses the fire to fight and push for the life I want. A free-spirit at heart who finds joy and fascination in the unlikeliest of things.I also laugh a lot and do not take myself too seriously.

My style is feminine, sensitive & tender with texture.

Regarding the meaning of my artwork, I try to let my art allow the viewer to question a lot of things, but mostly how we deal with ourselves & love and experience a moment. I try to leave just enough detail for you to wonder. 

I like to think that my work is an investigation of unexpected representations that result from the combination of fragmented materials & feelings through collage and screen printing. I love playing & building up a momentum and stories. 

I typically try and need to build up a narrative, a structured concept - This sometimes starts with a specific or collection of intimate feelings I may have in a moment or thinking from other times. My hope is to create eye-catching, established quality work that invokes thought. 

I tend to enjoy experimenting stuff, ideas unified by a theme which can involve retrospect  and a certain preoccupation. Or sometimes trying to take those individual ideas & transpose them into pieces that can make perfect sense;  but as you can expect - it's not always easy to make that puzzle. 

Hope you'll have fun digging through my artworks and creations. If there's more you'd like to know please use the contact me form.

Thank you for visiting!
Sienna Solstice, Juste Milieu, Omelette Magazine, Opus Magazine, Riggwelter, Behind the Times, Pocketry, Open Close Mag, Paper Cult, Floral Fiction, Blue Bee Magazine, Coolt Zine, One Hand Clapping, Artli Gallery, NYART Competition and many more to comes... 

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